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The Early Birds

Room in Room Kickstarter

Get warm and cozy and improve the quality of each night’s sleep with Room in Room, a blackout bed tent with a private laptop station and much more.

Room in Room / $99 Super Early Bird on Kickstarter

Urban Husky EDC Knife Kickstarter

Handmade in Sweden, Urban Husky is a folding knife made for everyday carry.

Urban Husky Knife / $122 Early Bird on Kickstarter

Arc Board Kickstarter

Despite being just 22″ long, the Arc elecric skateboard can carry you at speeds of over 15 MPH for close to an hour on a single charge.

Arc Board / $588 Early Bird on Kickstarter

The All Stars

Kudu Safari Braai Grill Kickstarter

Kudu might be the most rugged yet awesome outdoor kitchen I’ve come across. Cook over real wood using Kudu’s attached grill grate or cast iron griddles and crank the cooking temperature up or down by moving it closer to or further away from the flames.

Kudu Safari Braii Grill / $649 on Kickstarter

Shots for Harambe Kickstarter

It appears Harambe is the one internet meme that just won’t go away. If you can find humor in these shot glasses that “celebrate his life, but keep his memory alive” you can grab a pair for $12.

Shots for Harambe / $12 on Kickstarter

BopPad Kickstarter

Pad is a pressure and velocity sensitive smart drum pad with four different sound zones that put an entire drum kit into a 10″ circle of fabric.

BopPad / $199 on Kickstarter

The Last Calls

Hello Kickstarter

Hello packs the punch of higher priced video conferencing systems but at a fraction of the price. Use it for video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, or as a motion activated surveillance system.

Hello / $189 on Kickstarter

Enod Waveport Kickstarter

Swim as far as you can without losing your tunes with Enod Waveport headphones, a pair of waterproof sport headphones that have built in MP3 storage for when you swim outside of bluetooth range.

Waveport / $49 on Kickstarter

Island Hopper Kickstarter

Island Hopper is a “hilarious game of dexterity, deliveries, and negotiation” that supports 2 to 6 players and takes only an hour to play.

Island Hopper / $40 on Kickstarter