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The Early Birds


Hickies transform your shoes into slip-ons that “look, fit and perform better.”

Hickies 2.0 / $14 Early Bird on Kickstarter


Sisyphus, much like the character from Greek mythology it was named after, is a table in which a steel ball is magnetically dragged through sand to continuously create amazing designs for your viewing pleasure.

Sisyphus Table / $695+ Early Birds on Kickstarter


DaySling is an expandable sling bag built for daily life. Features include ultra quiet closures and weatherproof polyester.

SlingBag / $80 Early Bird on Kickstarter

The All Stars


The Stealth Shelf is a hidden compartment that is locked or unlocked by shifting magnetic objects on top of the shelf into their secret location.

Stealth Shelf / $75 Kit on Kickstarter


Solo Stove’s stainless steel firepit was “painstakingly engineered” to provide you the perfect backyard fire experience no matter what surface you put it on.

Solo Stove Bonfire / $229 on Kickstarter


Ironate lets you make pizza-oven worthy pies on your stovetop, but its carbon steel construction can be used for all sort of other recipes as well.

Ironate / $129 on Kickstarter

The Last Calls


Another entrant in the Kickstarted sous vide cooker category, Sansaire has raised over a quarter of a million dollars to help amateur chefs achieve perfectly cooked meals using hot water.

Sansaire Delta / $149 on Kickstarter


Fathom One is an affordable underwater drone that lets you explore depths of up to 150 feet in crystal clear 1080p video. Over $200,000 raised!

Fathom One / $599 on Kickstarter


Help calm your dog’s nerves with ZenCrate, the world’s first anti-anxiety smart dog crate. Over $135,000 raised!

ZenCrate / $485 on Kickstarter