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The Early Birds


Stowaways are a line of compact tools that can tuck into a phone case or keychain. Backers can choose from 13 different tools including a folding knife, a firestarter, scissors, tweezers, or wrnech set.

Stowaways / $49 for iPhone Case + 6 Tools on Kickstarter


Sitting around a warm fire on a crisp fall evening just got a little better thanks to the Music City Fire speaker system, a bluetooth connected speaker system with propane-fueled flames that flicker to the beat of your tunes.

Music City Fire Speaker / $399 Early Bird on Kickstarter


Don’t be “that guy” with the sweaty button down shirt. The “Best Shirt Ever” is an unstainable, sweat-wicking, waterproof men’s button down shirt that can handle anything your day will throw (or splash) at you.

Best Shirt Ever / $95 Early Bird on Kickstarter

The All Stars


OTTOLOCK is a compact and lightweight cinch lock for your bicycle or other valuable gear. OTTOLOCK may be small, but they claim their patented steel and kevlar band lock will stand up to would-be thieves.

OTTLOCK/ $49 on Kickstarter


Kello is a smart alarm clock that can help train you to get better sleep or wake up earlier. Plus it can play your favorite tunes in the morning without syncing to your smartphone.

Kello / $99 on Kickstarter


Get draft-like beer out of a can or bottle at home with Fizzics Waytap. The countertop device uses sound waves to “convert the beer’s carbonation into densely compacted, uniform micro-foam bubbles to unlock that fresh-from-the-tap taste.”

WayTap / $110 on Kickstarter

The Last Calls


Crua’s tent/hammock hybrid actually combines four outdoor essentials into one affordable package. The tent or hammock provides you shelter either on the ground or in the trees, while the built in insulated air matress and detachable sleeping back help you get comfy once inside. Over $280,000 raised!

Crua Hybrid / $269 on Kickstarter


Swap out the keys on your keychain without sacrificing your fingernails with Kii Ring, a fast and simple solution for frustrating key rings. Over $35k raised!

$7 for two 34mm Kii Rings on Kickstarter


Proudly display and protect your bike with AIRLOK, a wall mounted bicycle storage hanger with a built in hardened steel lock. Over $103,000 raised!

AIRLOK / $143 on Kickstarter