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The Early Birds


With a firestarter, utility blade, bottle opener, and screwdriver, Firebiner is an everyday carry multitool that can help your out of many of life’s pickles. But with a 50 pound weight limit, just don’t use it to repel down a mountain.

Firebiner / $9 Super Early Bird on Kickstarter


Sync your camera up to your smartphone to create awesome timelapse, motion/sound/vibration activated, and HDR photographs.

Miops Mobile / $99 Early Bird on Kickstarter


A new take on the selfie “stick,” Podo is a miniature camera that can be stuck to any flat surface. Paired with your smartphone, you can then view a live video feed from Podo, adjust camera settings, set a countdown timer, or simply press shoot!

Podo / $39 Super Early Bird on Kickstarter

The All Stars


Infused with silver, Forever O.G. pants are odor, liquid, and stain resistant and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Forever O.G. Pants / $118+ on Kickstarter


Get ready for a productive 2017 with Volt Planner, a “proven goal-setting, planning, and productivity system for superstars.”

Volt Planner / $35+ on Kickstarter


Put some history to paper with these pens made from oak that spent over 4,000 years preserving in English bogs.

Bog Oak Pens / $40+ on Kickstarter

The Last Calls


The Cinch tent doesn’t just pop up or pack down in under a minute. It also features solar power, heat regulation, LED lighting, and extendable canopies.

Cinch Pop Up Tent / $246 on Kickstarter


Build, bribe, and blackmail your way to fun with Unfair, a theme-park building game that has raised over $200,000!

Unfair Game / $49 on Kickstarter


Mammoth Bars are organic snack bars “without all the weird stuff.”

Mammoth Bars / $2.50 to $4 each on Kickstarter