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The Early Birds


PinBox 3000 is a tabletop pinball game made from cardboard that can easily be customized with new designs and new gameplay.

PinBox 3000 / $28 Early Bird on Kickstarter


Whether you are on your coach, on the road, or on a plane, MovieMask gives you a full 2D cinema experience with the help of your smartphone.

MovieMask / $54 Super Early Bird on Kickstarter


“Don’t be a drainer.” The Altered Nozzle delivers high pressured mist from your faucet, saving you up to 98% on your water bill.

Altered Nozzle / $38 Early Bird on Kickstarter

The All Stars


Safely listen to music, navigation, and ride data or take hands free phone calls with the Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet. The helmet’s bone-conduction technology keeps your ears unplugged while the smart remote and mount keeps your hands on your bike.

Coros LINX Helmet / $120+ on Kickstarter


Prolific Kickstarter creator of dinnerware Don Moyer is back with another line of funky Calamityware porcelain plates, this time featuring zombie poodles and pterodactyl’s.

Calamityware / $35 per plate on Kickstarter


The creators of the Kickstarted “Drinking Jacket” are back on Kickstarter with the ADV3NTURE hoodie, a poly/cotton blend hoodie packing a ton of pockets and features into one supremely functional hoodie.

ADV3NTURE HOODIE / $79+ on Kickstarter

The Last Calls


With ergonomics top of mind, the Joey backpack evenly distributes its carrying weight so you are comfortable having it slung over your shoulders all day long.

Joey Backpack / $179 on Kickstarter


Torpedo claims to be “the world’s most versatile fitness tool” by combining a barbell, kettlebell, and a dumbbell for unlimited workouts.

Torpedo / $65+ on Kickstarter


Nindyaa embroiders beautiful patterns from around the world onto organic cotton sheets made in Pakistan.

Nindyaa / $105+ on Kickstarter