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The Early Birds

AER Throw Your GoPro Kickstarter

Who needs a $1,000 drone when you can get an aerial video at a fraction of the cost? Aer is a nerf football look-a-like foam dart that houses a GoPro to catch in-flight footage.

Aer / $55 Early Bird on Kickstarter

Fireflower Fire Pit Kickstarter

With a November ship date, Fireflower’s “flat-pack take anywhere steel fire pit” may find its way to your next tailgate party.



The All Stars

Purple Pillow Kickstarter

More than 6,000 backers have pledged a combined $850,000 to get their noggins on the Purple Pillow, a no-pressure “head bed” that is “the first innovation in pillows since geese.

Purple Pillow / $79 on Kickstarter

Speciale Damascus Knife Kickstarter

Spéciale a 17″ Damascus knife that can be rotated to different spots on its attached walnut cutting board, has raised over $100,000 from more than 500 backers.

Spéciale / $185+ on Kickstarter

The Last Calls

BopPad Kickstarter

Pad is a pressure and velocity sensitive smart drum pad with four different sound zones that put an entire drum kit into a 10″ circle of fabric. Over $100,000 raised so far!

BopPad / $199 on Kickstarter

FIIL Diva Pro Headphones Kickstarter

By combining touch control, motion sensors, music storage, and 3D audio into a single pair of noise cancelling wireless headphones, FIIL believes that their Diva Pros are “the most advanced headphones ever invented.”

FIIL Diva Pros / $219 on Kickstarter