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The Early Birds


Findster Duo is a GPS pet tracker with no monthly data fees. The two module system lets you find your adventurous pet so long as they are within a two mile radius.

Findster Duo / $89 Early Bird on Kickstarter


Inspire lightbulb moments at your desk with Drew, an oversized pencil lamp with a USB-powered LED “eraser.”

Drew Pencil Lamp / $159 Early Bird on Kickstarter


Flying a drone has never been easier with Shift, an intuitive drone controller that can be used with one hand.

Shift / $89 Early Bird on Kickstarter

The All Stars


Get in the mood for Halloween with Dracula’s Feast, a 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters.

Dracula’s Feast Game / $9 on Kickstarter


Futo is an air mattress that inflates in just 20 seconds ad packs down into a small backpack, perfect for daytime naps in the great outdoors.

Futo Air Mattress / $59 on Kickstarter


Declutter your kitchen utensil drawer with Polygons, a lay-flat measuring spoon that folds into four different sizes to accommodate recipes of all sizes.

Polygons Spoons / $12 on Kickstarter

The Last Calls


This stick anywhere selfie shooter has raised over $600,000 from 8,000+ backers!

Podo / $49 on Kickstarter


This fire-starting multi-tool has raised over $89,000 from 450+ backers!

Firebiner / $12 on Kickstarter


This everyday hoodie with 9 pockets and 14 functional features has raised over $1.5 million from 11,000+ backers!

ADV3NTURE Hoodie / $89+ on Kickstarter