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The Early Birds


lThe Captr Jacket lets you “record, stream & share hands-free” video footage from your phone. A custom Captr phone case that snaps into the viewport is included with each jacket.

Captr Jacket / $89 Super Early Bird on Kickstarter


The AIRY Box planter delivers fresh air into your indoor surroundings by ventilating the root systems of your indoor plants.

AIRY Box / $67 Early Bird on Kickstarter


Sanctuary M is an “easy-care, modular desktop terrarium.” Choose from three different microclimates to bring a little life to your cubicle.

Sanctuary M / Early Birds Starting at $32 on Kickstarter

The All Stars


Relieve neck and shoulder pain in less than 10 minutes with the C-REST personal massager. Over $100,000 raised!

C-REST / $59+ on Kickstarter


Despite weighing just 9.7 pounds, the electric skateboard LeafBoard can hit speeds of up to 19 mph for 10+ mile rides.

LeafBoard / $329 on Kickstarter


Created by the folk-rock band the Decemberists while touring around the country, ILLIMAT is a game for 2-4 players that can be played in 15 minutes.

ILLIMAT / $45 on Kickstarter

The Last Calls


Created by a jewelry designer living with Type 1 Diabetes, Poppy is a medical ID that people actually want to wear. Over $40,000 raised!

Poppy Medical ID / $99 on Kickstarter


OTTOLOCK is a compact and lightweight cinch lock for your bicycle or other valuable gear. OTTOLOCK may be small, but they claim their patented steel and kevlar band lock will stand up to would-be thieves. Over $300,000 raised!

OTTOLOCK/ $49 on Kickstarter


The Bluffworks Blazer is a wrinkle and frustration free sportscoat. Despite looking and feeling like wool, If you get it dirty, just throw the 100% polyester blazer in the wash and hang it up to dry. Listen to CEO Stefan Loble explain how he has raised over $300,000 for the blazer on Episode 13 of the Krowdfund Pitch Podcast.

Bluffworks Blazer / $245 on Kickstarter