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The Early Birds


iKeybo turns any flat surface into a laser projected keyboard or piano for smartphone and/or tablet users. When not in use, you can use iKeybo’s built-in battery to charge your phone.

iKeybo / $89 Early Bird on Kickstarter


Aviator’s premium made-in-the-USA travel hoodie features two exterior zipper pockets, one interior secure pocket, interior earbud wiring outlets and holders, three different cuff styles, and a standard hood that can double as a sleep mask. WIth all those features, does the First Class Hoodie live up to its claim of being “the best travel hoodie in the world?” You be the judge.

First Class Hoodie / $119 Early Bird on Kickstarter

The All Stars


AirSelfie is a portable flying camera that is integrated into your mobile phone case. Send it up into the air to take a few aerial selfies before flying it back into your palm.

AirSelfie / $241 on Kickstarter


Flippr is a new take on the old fashioned ironing board that claims to shorten your ironing time by up to 80%. Watch their Kickstarter video to see how.

Flippr / $99 on Kickstarter

The Last Calls


The TAKTEK pant is a high performance, high tech pair of pants made from anti-odor wrinkle resistant fabric with 13 unique functions (like a nifty bottle opener).

TAKTEK / $99 per pair on Kickstarter


Chris Butsch quit his corporate 9-5 to learn what makes people happy. His new book The Millennial’s Guide to Making Happiness aims to teach the lessons he learned to happiness seekers young and old. Be sure to have a listen to Chris on Episode #14 of the Krowdfund Pitch Podcast.

The MGMH Volume I / $25 on Kickstarter