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The Early Birds


Designed in NYC and made in Italy, get two belts for the price of one with Awl & Sundry’s customizable reversible leather belt. After picking your buckle, select two different leather colors and textures for each side of the belt made specifically to your size.

Awl & Sundry Customized Belt / $85 Super Early Bird


The Ostrich Pillow Go provides total neck support for sleeping on the go thanks to its ergonomic design, viscoelastic core, and hidden magnet sizing system.

Ostrich Pillow Go / $35 Early Bird on Kickstarter


PowerBulb is a nifty LED light bulb with two built-in USB charging ports.

PowerBulb / $29 EarlyBird on Kickstarter

The All Stars


Crafted from pharmaceutical grade platinum silicone, GIR’s nearly indestructible ladels and spoonulas provide you with perfect flexibility in the kitchen.

GIR Ladle & Spoonula / $11+ on Kickstarter


Freedrum is a drumkit that fits in yoru pocket. Freedrum’s sensors slip on to your drumsticks and are paired with your smartphone and headphones to keep you drumming without a full kit.

Freedrum / $89 on Kickstarter


Sparkr is a multi-functional outdoor tool that features a windproof plasma lighter on one end with a flashlight on the other.

Spark / $35 on Kickstarter

The Last Calls


These “mystical” playing cards change color when touched. Probably not great for a game of poker, but pretty cool otherwise.

Apothecary Playing Cards / $14 on Kickstarter


Draw and shoot photos from the hip with SpiderLight Holster, a no strap camera solution that keeps your camera ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.

SpiderLight Holster / $80 on Kickstarter


ZeroHour Ignite is a ultra-compact everday carry flashlight that fits in your pocket and is recharged via micro-USB.

ZeroHour Ignite Flashlight / $60 on Kickstarter