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The Early Birds


These double-sided mason jar lids let you portion out “mason jar lunchables” for meals on the go.

Masonables on Kickstarter / $7 and up


LUNAR is a rain-proof multi-functional lantern with up to 10 days of battery life that can also power up your USB devices on the go.

Project Lunar Lantern on Kickstarter / $52


Grypmat is a flexible rubber mat that can hold your tools and hardware in place on a variety of work surfaces at angles of up to 70 degrees.

Grypmat on Kickstarter / $25 and up

The All Stars


The Heng Balance Lamp replaces the boring old light switch with two magnetic balls. Connect the two together in mid-air to turn the lamp on, pull them apart to turn it off.

Heng Balance Lamp on Kickstarter / $44


Perfect your pour-over coffee (or french press / aeropress) with the Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle, a bluetooth connected electric kettle with variable termperature control and a sleek minimalist design.

Stagg EKG on Kickstarter / $100


Weighing in at just 0.7 ounces, the Muncher is a super lightweight titanium multitool perfectly suited for your trips into the outdoors.

The Muncher on Kickstarter / $35 and up

The Last Calls


Capture smooth cinema-quality videos with your smartphone (or GoPro) using the FlowMotion, a hand-held stabilizer that delivers professional video at an amateur’s price.

Flowmotion Stabilizer / $199 on Kickstarter


Make every chair you sit in ergonomic with the new and improved BetterBack, now featuring a heat and ice pack for back pain relief and healing.

BetterBack on Kickstarter / $59 and up


These Swedish-made cufflinks are crafted from oak wood recycled from aged whisky barrels.

Oak Cufflinks on Kickstarter / $59 and up