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The Early Birds

Pod 3 GPS Tracker

Keep track of your pet, your bike, your boat, or really anything with the Pod 3, a modular GPS tracking system that combines GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cell networks to keep tabs on your stuff anywhere in the world.

Pre-Order Pod 3 for $79 / Kickstarter

JW Weekender 3-in-1 Bag Kickstarter

The JW Weekender Bag is a durable nylon 3-in-1 travel bag. Each of the two outer pockets unzip, one transforming into a backpack and the other into a shoulder sling. Check out their Kickstarter video for a detailed breakdown on all of the bags features.

Pre-Order JW Weekender for $169 / Kickstarter

The All Stars

SELFLY Phone Drone Kickstarter

SELFLY is an autonomous flying camera that doubles as a phone case. Simply pop it off your phone when you want a drone selfie and send it flying with the SELFLY smartphone app.

SELFLY has already raised $195,000 in a little over one week on Kickstarter.

Pre-order SELFLY for $99 / Kickstarter

TriScribe-Bolt Pen Kickstarter

TiScribe-Bolt is an “addicting EDC pen” with a bolt-action mechanism that satisfies the inner fidgeter in us all. TiScribe-Bolt has already raised $44,000 on Kickstarter, more than 44x their original goal.

Pre-Order TiScribe-Bolt for $54 / Kickstarter

The Last Calls

Spyn Decision Making Top Kickstarter

Spyn is a perfectly weighted “decision-making tool” that leaves everyday decisions up to chance. The spinning top comes in classic dic, Yes/No, Now/Later, You/Me, or a customizable blank variety.

Spyn has blown past its original goal of $1,000 with $68,000+ in pledges from over 1,300 backers.

Pre-Order Spyn for $24 / Kickstarter

Grympat Tool Mat

Keep your tools and hardware in place with Graypmat, a flexible, non-magnetic rubber tool mat.

Grypmat has raised over $90,000 from 1,000+ backers.

Pre-Order Grypmat for $30 / Kickstarter

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