Variety truly is the spice of life and no where does that fact ring more true than in the world of craft beer. Whether you like your beer hoppy or smooth, sweet or sour, barrel aged or as fresh as it gets, with over 5,000 breweries now operating in America you have more choices than ever before.

Some of those 5,000+ breweries have set up bottling or canning operations to distribute their flagship beers across the country, but the most common way to bring back brewery beer for at-home consumption is in a 64-ounce growler filled straight from the brewery’s tap. And while nobody is going to complain about having too much beer to drink, once you pop the top on a growler you are in a race against time before the beer goes flat and stale.

Luckily for those of us unwilling to throw back an entire half gallon of beer in a single sitting, the fine folks at Growler Chill have developed a counter-top growler storage solution that keeps your beer fresh (and cold!) for up to three weeks.

The Growler Chill countertop tap system can hold up to three growlers, keeping the beer cold (set it anywhere from 38°F – 54°F) and pressurized with easy to find 90-gram CO2 cartridges. As you pour each glass from customizable tap handles, Growler Chill purges any oxygen from the growler, keeping your perishable beer carbonated and fresh for future consumption.

Kickstarter backers can pre-order Growler Chill here with a $369 early bird pledge through February 2nd. After that that price ticks up to $399. Regardless of the price, for frequent craft beer imbibers, Growler Chill will pay for itself over time. After all, we may not cry over spilt milk, but we all cry over spoiled beer.

Growler Chill / $369 / Kickstarter