Music is a deeply personal experience. What some people love, others hate.

With Kickstarter, people can now help fund the creation of more of the type of music that they love.

But scrolling through Kickstarter’s music category to uncover those tasty tunes that tickle your earholes can be quite the chore.

I’ve tried to make it easy on you by compiling a playlist of songs from artists currently crowdfunding their next album on Kickstarter into an easy to consume Soundcloud playlist. So have a quick listen to the playlist embedded below. If you hear something you like, keep scrolling and you’ll find a link to each artist’s Kickstarter page.

If however you find yourself hating any song in the playlist, the solution is simple: just hit next.

If you don’t hear anything you like, check back next week and maybe your ears will be more entertained…..

1. Grace Pettis

2. Altius Quartet

3. Friends with the Weather

4. Front Country

5. Madelyn Grant

6. Tacoma Narrows