Each week I share a curated list of tunes created by artists who are currently crowdfunding their next album on Kickstarter. This week’s artists are:

  1. The Suffers: “a 10-piece Gulf Coast Soul band from Houston, TX” seeking to raise an ambitious $50,000 by October 17th. Check out their project or back them here.
  2. Toot Sweet: a “funk infused cabaret style of pop” according to NYC Deli Magazine who also named this band their artist of the month in 2014. These self-proclaimed Cabaret Soul musicians are seeking to raise $7,500 by September 9th. Check out their project or back them here.
  3. Tunes of I: a 7-piece “neo-dub/roots/psychedelic” band hailing from Wellington, New Zealand. These guys are looking to raise $6,623 by September 10, 2015 and they are ever so close. Check out their project or back them here.
  4. HIRIE: This reggae band is looking to Kickstart their second album “Wandering Sole.” They also set their sights high, hoping to raise $40,000. With just 7 days left, they will need some help as they currently have less than $18,000. Check out their project or back them here.
  5. Kitty: After having a few music videos go viral, this 22 year old singer/rapper/producer is looking to release her first full-length album. She’s already exceeded her $25,000 goal (currently sitting at $42,001!) but if you want to get in on the rewards you have until September 9th to back her campaign, which you can find here.