LBAD is a terrible affliction that is sweeping the globe. Those who are stricken with the strange disorder report daily flareups during which nothing else other than finding a cure can be focused on.

Not sure what the hell I’m talking about? It’s Low Battery Anxiety Disorder of course. In today’s world of smartphone reliance, getting the dreaded “Your Battery is Low” pop-up can turn an otherwise pleasant afternoon into a frantic search for an outlet.

Now we can finally cure this terrible disease though, thanks to the clever folks at ChargeAll in Newport Beach, California. The ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet is a small battery pack that can be used to power almost any device. The ChargeAll is only about 2X the thickness of the iPhone 5 yet can keep your phone charged for a full week. Apparently the designers at ChargeAll have also come across times when they need to get some hair straightening done on the run, so they even claim it can run a hair straightener if you so need.

The Rewards

For $99, you can reserve your own small ChargeAll that holds enough juice to charge your phone seven times or your laptop twice. However, if you have a really severe case of LBAD you can pay an extra $40 to upgrade to a large ChargeAll that can charge your phone thirteen times or your laptop twice. The ChargeAll likely won’t ship until September though, so be sure to stay close to a wall outlet until then!

Interested? Fund it here on IndieGoGo.

(Credit: ChargeAll on IndieGoGo / Youtube)