While I normally send you all crowdfunding picks that are still open for pledges, today’s featured crowdfunding campaign closed pre-maturely, stating they would no longer be accepting any more funds. While that is nomally a bad sign for a crowdfunding project, in this case it is anything but….

After receiving two twenties and two fives for $42 worth of pizza, pizza delivery man Jarrid Tansey received the cold shoulder when he asked the employees of F&R Auto Sales if they wanted change. Since they could have just given him two twenties and one five dollar bill, he assumed the extra five was meant for him, so he left with what he thought was a 19% tip. But shortly after leaving, Tansey was forced to return to F&R after they had called his manager stating he had stolen their $7 in change. Despite his “customer is always right” attitude as he returned their money, the auto dealership’s employees verbally berated Tansey, even stating he should leave before they “put a foot in” a place that the sun doesn’t shine.

For some reason, the employees of F&R Auto Sales thought that they had just stood up to some terrible injustice perpetrated against them and felt that uploading security footage of the incident to the internet would show the world that all was right again. After the video of course went viral, citizens of the web retaliated by flooding F&R’s Yelp with one star reviews. Unfortunately, there are likely a few kind souls that work at F&R that will also be affected by the looming drop in sales likely to be caused by the bad press. Furthermore, even though I’m sure he is giddy over the digital justice dealt on his behalf, Jarrid Tansey was still stiffed out of a deserving tip.

Well one woman named Amanda Rogers felt so strongly that Jarrid was entitled to a generous tip for having to “deal with such crappy people” that she set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign for him. After raising over $30,000 in just five days, much of which came in $7 increments (the same amount he was stiffed), Jarrid requested the campaign be shut down to further donations. While he hasn’t said what he will do with the money, I’d like to see Jarrid Tansey buy himself a nice new ride from one of the competing auto dealerships are just down the road from F&R Auto Sales.