The U.S. recently saw its record-breaking 4,144th craft brewery open. That rapid growth has many asking: Where in the world are all these professional brewers coming from?

While some colleges now offer degrees in brewing science, most head brewers “craft” their recipes (and skills) through years of homebrewing.

I myself have thought about getting into homebrewing numerous times, but my frugal thermostat habits have always kept me on the sidelines.

The temperature issues arise during the weeks-long fermentation process, when yeast needs a very specific climate to do its magic (i.e. turning sugars into alcohol). For ales, that range of temperature is typically between 68 and 72 degrees, but lagers need to be fermented at temps that are much lower.

Meanwhile, the temperature my Nest keeps our house ranges from 63 up to 74 degrees, depending on the time of day and what season we are in. If I tried brewing in ale in that environment, it would turn out tasting worse than jail house hooch.

That’s why I’m so excited about the Immersion Pro and Brewjacket system created by Aaron Walls. Aaron’s beer fermentation system is added to your existing fermenting vessel (most likely a huge glass jug) and keeps your beer at the precise temperature required to turn out awesome homebrew.  Listen to Aaron on Episode #5 of my podcast via the embedded Soundcloud player above or on iTunes. Or head straight to his Kickstarter by clicking the button below. From there, you can reserve your own Immersion Pro and Brewjacket with a pledge starting around $300.

Immersion Pro on Kickstarter