Somewhere between high school and college, the act of crashing on a friend’s sofa took a terrible turn for the worse.

Instead of being a comfortable place for a friend to close his eyes, the couch became ground zero for pranking. The amount of alcohol you consumed the night before had a direct correlation to how bad things could get, but some of the go-to moves included using your friend as a canvas for sharpie art or seeing how high you could stack random objects on top of them.

If I had a Bundle Bed back in those days though, I could have gotten a good night’s sleep in a place that I knew I would be undisturbed.

The Bundle Bed is a total sleeping solution that can be rolled out in seconds, providing you a good night’s sleep wherever you may be.

Bundle Beds on Kickstarter

Inventor Lucy Bartlett came up with the idea for Bundle Beds when she slept on a similar set up in the Australian outback. By removing some of the bulkiness by using a self-inflating air mattress and adding premium features like jersey cotton sheets, a hydrophobic duvet, and a synthetic down pillow, Bartlett created what is described as “a cosy, compact and portable bed that won’t compromise on comfort.”

Bartlett and her co-founder James Clark joined me on Episode 6 of the Krowdfund Pitch Podcast to talk about their Kickstarter campaign for Bundle Beds. You can listen to that episode in iTunes or via the embedded Soundcloud player above.

If you are interested in getting your own bundle bed, which can be yours with a Kickstarter pledge starting at $150, head to James and Lucy’s Kickstarter page by clicking here.